第6回 BACHATA BOOTCAMP (バチャータブートキャンプ)




ブートキャンプって何? ブートキャンプという言葉は、ラテン界では「短期間にいっきに覚えて、ついでに発表しちゃう」的なノリで使われます。サルサのブートキャンプ、キゾンバのブートキャンプなど様々です。

いつもイベントを開催しているカフェバー(Mikaスタジオ)で、ドリンク飲みながらやっちゃいましょう!(ほろ酔いOK )さらに、内容もソーシャルで踊るためのBOOTCAMPです。希望者は、最後にデモで皆んなの前で踊りたいと思います。ですが、完璧に振付として覚えるのがメインではありません。あくまで、センシュアルバチャータのリードとフォローを覚えて、クラブで踊れるようになりたいですね。



もちろん、リーダー(男性役)をしたい女性! フォロアー(女性役)をしたい男性!もぜひご参加ください。



楽しくブートキャンプしてみましょう!!! ※すでにブートキャンプの使い方間違っている気がしますが。




希望者はブートキャンプが終わった後、「LOVE LATIN」又は「LOVE BACHATA」のイベントでデモ発表&YouTubeの動画撮影します。






楽しくブートキャンプしてみましょう!!! ※すでにブートキャンプの使い方間違っている気がしますが。




時間:13:00〜14:30 @MikaStudio (3F Miwa bild 1-1-17, 大名 中央区 福岡市 福岡県)


※ 同日の開催の「LOVE BACHATA」(14:30〜17:00)に参加の場合、バチャータブートキャンプ参加者は追加1000円で参加できます(ドリンク含まず、DJタイムのみ)。DJタイムのみ参加の方は1500円です(1ドリンク込み、レッスン含まず)。

さらに、、、今月は6/19(日)の「LOVE BACHATA」で発表後、同日17時から開催される「カヌレの会」に参加される方はカヌレの会が500円割引になります。さらにカヌレの会でも、希望者は発表できますよ!ぜひご参加ください。








We are looking for sensual bachata pairs, leaders (male roles), and followers (female roles).

What is a boot camp? The word boot camp is used in the Latin world as a “learn at once in a short period of time and then announce it”. There are various boot camps such as salsa boot camp and kizomba boot camp.

Let’s have a drink at the cafe bar (Mika Studio) where we always hold events!  Furthermore, the content is BOOTCAMP for social dancing. Those who wish to dance in front of everyone can dance as demo. However, it is not the main thing to remember perfectly as a choreography. We just want you to learn the lead and follow of Sensual Bachata so that you can dance at the club.


・Moreover, it is OK to participate in a pair of leader & follower, leader only, follower only, up to one person.

・Of course, a woman who wants to be a leader (male role)! A man who wants to be a follower (female role)! Please join us.

・It’s 3 times in total, but it’s okay if you can’t participate all day. Please feel free to join us at your convenience.


Let’s have fun boot camp! !! !!  * I feel that the usage of boot camp is already wrong.


Contents: Sensual Bachata pair work main & a little footwork for use in the club

・ Learn through one song of sensual bachata (including some modern & dominican parts depending on the composition of the song) that is fashionable and social and ready to use (the same part is repeated twice, so you can dance twice with one song).

・ After the boot camp is over, applicants(if you want!!!) will announce a demo at an event such as “LOVE LATIN” or “LOVE BACHATA” and shoot a video on YouTube.

・ For both male and female roles, if you are participating alone, we will adjust a partner with the participants here.

・ Those who participate in a pair will be asked to dance through one song during the demonstration with that pair. However, it will be rotated as appropriate during practice.

・ Since you dance with a shorter and more relaxed song than a normal Bachata song, you can firmly learn how to lead and follow, not just as a choreography.

・ Those who wish to participate in the demonstration will be asked to match some of the colors and tones of their clothes at the time of the announcement. So, you can wear your own clothes.


Schedule: 6/5 (Sun), 6/12 (Sun), 6/19 (Sun), 3 times in total (2 handing over, 1 through practice)

If you wish, after the third practice, a demo will be announced at the party ← Even if you can’t remember everything, it’s okay if you make a mistake. Let’s practice together so that we can dance in the club!

Time: 13: 00-14: 30 @MikaStudio (3F Miwa bild 1-1-17, Daimyo Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City)

Price: 2000 yen (1 drink included, DJ time not included, required separately)

* If you participate in “LOVE BACHATA” (14: 30-17: 00) held on the same day, Bachata boot camp participants can participate for an additional 1000 yen (drinks not included, DJ time only). Those who participate only in DJ time are 1500 yen (1 drink included, lessons not included).

In addition, after the announcement at “LOVE BACHATA” on June 19th (Sun) this month, those who participate in the “Canelé no Kai” to be held from 17:00 on the same day will get a 500 yen discount on the Canelé no Kai. In addition, applicants can be announced at the Canelé meeting! Please join us.